Full-time Administration Officer

at Mohamed Dekkak Abu Dhabi

ADGECO Group is looking for a web content/online writer to prepare, compose and edit online articles, press releases and other writings and correspondence for our website and other social media related site. She will also be responsible for the administration tasks.

Job Responsibilities:

- Administration works and support to the Chairman
- Attending to e-mails, answering telephone calls and preparing reports and

other correspondence.
- Researching, analyzing, stylish writing and publishing online data and website

content such as related events, news, reviews, services, etc.
- Write website content such as news, PR and other pieces of writing
- Provided support to the online service team such as social media, alike
- Social media marketing business participation including development of ongoing

social media campaigns, blog strategies, videos, and community engagement.
Skills Required:

- Excellent written and verbal skills – for communicating complex ideas

effectively and professionally.
- Fluency in English is a must
- Intensive research and creative writing skills
- can handle multi-task responsibilities and knows how to handle pressure after

the intensive research.
If you are qualified then please go to http://adgeco.com/careers.html

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Mohamed Dekkak
Full-time Executive Secretary cum Online Writer Mohamed Dekkak, 30-04-2014
Full-time Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Mohamed Dekkak Abu Dhabi 24-02-2014
Full-time Administration Officer Mohamed Dekkak Abu Dhabi 24-02-2014
Full-time Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Mohamed Dekkak Abu Dhabi 24-02-2014

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